24 Hour Cycle Time

It is not a Dehydrator. And, it is not a Garburator. The GreenGood composting machine is the only machine in the marketplace with a proven track record to compost food waste, animal manure and pet feces (please see what can be composted).

The GreenGood composting machines, because of its high temperature control environment, is able to recycle food waste to compost in as short as 8 hours.

The high temperature control environment also provides a safeguard against e-coli and salmonella. The compost is safe and free of pathogen and it can be used as fertilizer (please see frequently asked question: “how should the compost be used?”)

Hygienically, the GreenGood composting machine provides the most favorable operative environment in the marketplace. It requires no water for its operation. It emits, because of its nanotechnology deodorizer, no stenches or foul odors.

Unlike the other equipment in the marketplace, the GreenGood composting machine does not require replenishment of microbes or additives.

The GreenGood composting machine in Asia is widely used to support onsite composting in neighborhood communities, airport facilities, military bases, slaughter houses, food processing plants, universities and households.

Environmentally and economically, onsite composting with GreenGood composting machine makes the most sense.